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Afiliate progam

The referral program has just been launched, it offers the possibility to contributors and new subscribers to receive a commission in $POWER for each new purchase of tokens made via an affiliate link.

ICO participants can find their affiliate link on this page: A sponsored person will be informed of his or her connection to the sponsor’s profile via the “Sponsor” field on the page.

Affiliate program


  • 32% of the amount acquired by the referred person between 0 and 499 USDT
  • 16% on the share from 500 to 1499 USDT
  • 8% beyond that and without limit except moon.

Only the first purchase in $POWER of the referred person will be considered. You will be notified by sms or email when someone will use your link.

Affiliate program

For example, if you refer a contributor who buys 2500 USDT of tokens through your link :

  • 32% of 499 USDT: 159.68 USDT
  • 16 % of 999 USDT: 160 USDT
  • 8% of 1000 USDT: 80.08 USDT

i.e. in total: 399.76 USDT = 399.76 $POWER added to the referrer’s account when the referred participant has paid and validated his KYC.

Need cash? Civicpower commits to buy back your POWER tokens obtained through the partnership program through the OTC at a minimum price of $0.15 USDT if you do not get a better offer from the community 30 days after your referred payment.

Sharing your winnings — Link settings

This is possible by creating a specific referral link that will transfer XX% of the referrer’s affiliate earnings to the referred friend.

Using the same example, if a citizen brings 2500 USDT to the project and the referral link gives 50% to the sponsored person, he and his referrer will receive 199.88 $POWER each.This lowers the cost of purchasing the token to 0.93 USDT (instead of 1 USDT) for the referred friend.

For both the referrer and the referred person, additional tokens will be delivered progressively 100 days after the listing, at a rate of 5% per month.

Affiliate program

When creating the referral link, the referrer can also define a maximum number of uses and thus limit the number of people who can benefit from it. By default, the links are permanent and without limitation.

Affiliate program

At any time, it will also be possible for the referrer to disable his referral links, it will then no longer be possible to use them as affiliation links without blocking new registrations.

For the best

All sponsors bringing more than 5 members above 500 USDT will receive the NFT “Master Sponsor”.

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Affiliate program

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