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Win 100,000 POWER tokens with the launch of the civicID

Introduction of civicIDs

Each Civicpower user has a unique and public civicID allowing him to use all the features of the voting application and his POWER token. It is visible on his profile page and assigned when he registers.

For participants in the POWER presale, the civicID allows them to see the position in the “burnlist” used for quarterly redemptions. More broadly for POWER owners, it allows them to initiate a POWER buy or sell transaction on our OTC exchange service (project code name “OTC”) or to sponsor friends on the platform.

For users of the voting platform the civicID allows them to gather their community, purchase services on the platform (via POWER then acquired) and more to come.

CivicIDs are “blockchained” to each other. This secures the pre-sale priority subscription preference list “burnlist” by eliminating the risk of inserting fake accounts. As the list is public, the interest is limited, but it is a good demonstration and it amuses us.

Introduction of civicIDs launch on August 3, 2021

At Civicpower, we believe in merit, and believe that intelligence and mathematics are above strength, beliefs or money.
So we are offering the community to participate in a contest where the prize is the NFT “Civicpower’s Encryption Master” (which can be found here) worth 100,000 POWER, giving the right to the first place on the burnlist with all the advantages that go with it: priority burn on 100% at +32% and double the possibility to be redeemed at +16%.
If this prize is won, then we will burn an additional 100 000 POWER to benefit the whole community that may have helped and collaborated to this success and to advance the safety of the platform.

All you need to do is find the “seed” that is at the start of the civicID chain, a kind of “civicID0”.

Be reassured, if a citizen breaks the civicID code, this does not create any security problem, these IDs are public and it is the Civicpower platform that assigns them when an account is created, so knowing how to predict them is not a problem.
On the other hand, whoever manages to do so commits to help us strengthen the security of the Civicpower voting blockchain and to share his or her skills with the community in exchange for the prize!

So get to your keyboards, we are waiting for your solution at civicid0[@]!

We will only respond if the correct answer has been sent to this address!

ps: the Civicpower team and its partners are not allowed to play.

To register to Civicpower it’s here!

Join the Telegram group dedicated to the challenge:

File with an extract of first 100k civicID here.

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