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$POWER Token


We have to vote, more than half of us do not.
What better system to govern our life in society? The law of the strongest? The most popular on social networks?

At Civicpower, we believe that profound societal changes will be made possible in a peaceful way by new technologies that enable a collaborative environment of trust.

We are committed to :

• contributing to the development of digital democracy and new forms of citizen participation through a secure personal solution.
• ensure the integrity and public traceability of votes,
• guarantee the independence of our platform and the transparency of our activity,
• promote democracy, including among the youngest, with a free mobile application that does not sell advertising or data.

$POWER Token

$POWER ROADMAP 2021/Q1 2022

$POWER Token
$POWER Token

Affiliate program

The referral program has just been launched, it offers the possibility to contributors and new subscribers to receive a commission in $POWER for each new purchase of tokens made via an affiliate link.

Get POWER and TRUST at the same time

$POWER is Civicpower’s utility token: it empowers its users through a trusted voting platform.

Civicpower plateform is fueled by The Garage, a new blockchain-focused incubator based in Paris (yes we are French, and so what?).

$POWER tokens can be used in Civicpower’s ecosystem to pay for all voting operations and other services already available or planned in the roadmap.

It also allows users to make donations to keep the platform free for the general public and associations in order to promote participative digital democracy.

The platform is free for individuals and always will be.

We need to finance our growth while remaining independent of any public or private influence or pressure. This is why we need your participation.

$POWER Token
$POWER Token

Massive adoption

Our ambition is to become the Number One voting app.
One App to rule them all,
One App to find them,
One App to bring them all and in the light of democracy.

No hay que reinventar la rueda

El POWER se alojará en la blockchain de Ethereum como un token ERC20.

Speedy deflationary model

Each quarter, we will publicly buy back >32%+24% of our EUR revenues in $POWER on the market and burn half. Ready to sell?


Our motto is “Do or trust”!
All our work is reusable and verifiable in open source.
The facts just the facts. DYOR.

Enter Civicpower’s value chain​

$POWER Token
$POWER Token



Find all the documents in download to know more about the project which animates us.


What we believe in and that deeply structures our approach.

POWER token ICO and team

Operating rules of the $POWER token and its ICO – info about the team working to achieve our goal.

Digital vote market

Our analysis of the European market and of the opportunity the POWER represents.


Civicpower is a secured mobile voting solution.
We keep the ballot secret and anonymous while making its content verifiable by all participants, as well as the overall ballot count.



To allow end-to-end integrity of our ballots, data are proved in public protected blockchains.

But it was not enough to allow performance and cost optimisation.
This is why Civicpower platform is based on Precedence, an open-source blockchain stack using Merkle Patricia Tree to structure proven digital vote at scale.

  • scalability: our platform can handle x10000 transactions per second,
  • proof-of-asset: the cryptographic proof of existence of the vote, time-stamped and signed, allows us to deliver and commit ourselves on a unique and anonymous vote certificate,
  • public ledger: proof of the integrity of the vote that is unalterable and verifiable by the voter,
  • digital signature: an individual digital signature will soon be available.



Christophe Camborde


20 years of entrepreneurship,  20M€ raised in private equity and 50M$ cumulative exits on 3 SaaS companies.

$POWER Token

Muriel Roulleaux

Marketing & communication Director

20 years of experience in digital startups, leading marketing and communication.
Co-founder @Votelab.

$POWER Token

Nicolas Brait


15 years serving the French administration working on digital transformation of public services. Co-founder of Civicpower association.


David Taristas


13 years of experience in accounting expertise, specialist in digital startups.


Jeremie Albert


Phd in Computer Science from the University of Bordeaux. Distributed computing specialist. Co-founder  @inBlocks.


Adli Takkal Bataille


One of the most popular figures in the crypto currency world in France, crypto-activist since 2012. Involved in The Garage incubator.


Jean-Michel Billaut


Economist and computer scientist, Internet pioneer. Founding President of Atelier BNP Paribas, founder of The Networking Company.


Matthieu Hourdebaigt


Master in Computed Science from the University of Bordeaux. Co-founder  @inBlocks.


Pedro Mendoza Sevilla


Over 20 years of experience in technology companies on M&A issues. Total of more than 150M€ of transactions including Kelkoo, Photoways, Teads, Ezakus, HelloAsso


Yannick Lacastaigneratte


Entrepreneur since 2002, co-founded and managed technology and operations for two startups. Since 2017, investor in a several ventures and mentor to first-time founders.


Cyril Paglino


Founder of the starchain capital fund in 2017 and director of TON labs. Cyril is launching the Garage in 2019 to become the largest European incubator in blockchain

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